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Breast Reconstructive Surgery & Oncoplastics

The surgeons at Breast Care Specialists specialize in oncoplastics. Oncoplastics integrates plastic surgery with breast cancer surgery to achieve the most aesthetic result for each patient.

Working in tandem with a plastic surgeon, we create a treatment plan individualized for each patient, exploring both the surgical and cosmetic implications to control the cancer while providing a favorable cosmetic result.

The benefit of immediate breast reconstruction with oncoplastics is that breast skin is often preserved. This option can also help ease the emotional toll of waking up after the breast surgery. For some women, however, making decisions about immediate reconstruction is too overwhelming with all the other decisions that must be made. For these women, there is the option of delayed reconstruction, which can happen on a date following completion of all the cancer therapies and the necessary recovery from these treatments.

Our surgeons and care team are here to answer your questions and provide guidance. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 316-263-2013.

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