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Our Breast Care Specialists

Therese Cusick, MD, FACS

Medical Director

Dr. Therese Cusick is passionate about nurturing future generations. A mother of five and board-certified surgeon, Dr. Cusick knows the toll breast cancer can take on an entire family. She is dedicated to research and the genetic implications breast cancer has on a family line. Dr. Cusick has a passion for working patients who have a family history of breast cancer to determine if genetic testing is appropriate.

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Samantha L. Beck, MD, FACS

Dr. Samantha Beck has a passion for people, a passion for helping, and a passion for teaching. She is dedicated to providing quality care as well as educating breast care patients to ensure the best possible outcome. Dr. Beck also believes in the importance of investing in the future of our medical community, and is involved in teaching local medical students and residents. Dr. Beck is also committed to serving others through medical missionary work.

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Paige A. Harwell, MD

Dr. Paige Harwell believes everyone deserves compassionate, individualized care. She advocates for all women to have early and regular breast care screenings as a part of their overall health care. Dr. Harwell is committed to serving patients with the utmost care, from diagnostics and testing to treatment, utilizing innovative approaches and advanced medical technology.

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