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Mastectomy is the surgical removal of the whole breast in the treatment of breast cancer. For some women, removing the entire breast provides greater peace of mind. Radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy may still be needed, depending on the pathology reports.

There are several types of mastectomy surgery procedures performed by Breast Care Specialists’ surgeons.

Simple or total mastectomy

The entire breast is removed, but no lymph nodes or muscles are removed unless they are located within the breast tissue taken during surgery.

Who usually gets simple or total mastectomy?

A simple or total mastectomy is appropriate for women with multiple or large areas of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and for women seeking breast removal in order to prevent the possibility of breast cancer reoccurring.

Although mastectomy is a proven cancer-ridding treatment, there are several important factors patients should consider:

  • Mastectomy takes longer and is more extensive than a lumpectomy, with more post-surgery side effects and a longer recuperation time. A woman’s body is also permanently changed and the emotional impact of this surgery takes time to heal alongside the physical.
  • Mastectomy means a permanent breast loss.
  • Additional surgeries are likely needed to reconstruct the breast after mastectomy.

We are here to provide guidance to help patients make the best treatment decisions based on their needs and circumstances.

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