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Insurance for Breast Cancer Treatment & Reconstructive Surgery


Dr. Cusick and Dr. Beck participate in nearly all major health plans. Our staff will be happy to talk with you about insurance coverage at your initial consultation.

We are also available to submit a claim to your insurance company. Before we can assist you, please provide the office with:

  1. Name of your insurance company(s) and address(es)
  2. Policy number(s)
  3. Signed authorization to release medical information
  4. Benefit assignment to your attending physician
  5. Insurance card which we will copy to assist in processing your charges efficiently

Due to continuous changes in all insurance plans, we would like to remind you that you are responsible for informing our staff if any limitations apply to your policy. These include, but are not limited to, specification of preferred hospital, precertification, second opinions or outpatient requirements. Failure to obtain any of these requirements may significantly reduce your insurance benefits and you will be responsible for any balance remaining on your account. If you are unsure about your insurance restrictions and reimbursement, carefully check with your insurance company for policy requirements. If your insurance does not pay your entire balance, this does not mean you have been overcharged since specific guidelines are used for reimbursement. If you question their payment, we recommend you contact your insurance company.

No Insurance

In the event you do not have provision for medical care, payment will be requested on the day of service. Estimates of planned surgery are provided, and payment arrangements must be made prior to elective surgery. If sufficient funds are not available, you may be eligible for medical assistance. To determine your eligibility, if you elect to follow this avenue, please call your local Social and Rehabilitative Services offices (SRS). If you make application for their support, please notify our patient accounts department of your intention.

Account Balances

Balances are due and payable upon receipt of our statement, unless other arrangements have been made with our patient accounts department. This department can be reached at 316-263-0296 or 800-362-3130. We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover.